1.Preventing dumping:

After opening the base brake, the operating bed is not locked and fixed. At this time, the operating table or the shifting patient can be operated, and the operating bed can be displaced, dumped, or the patient falls. Therefore, the operating bed must be locked after the adjustment operation is completed.

2.Prevent pinching or crushing

When releasing the base brake, do not place your foot under the base.

3. Prevent tripping

The power cord is placed in an appropriate position to avoid tripping when walking.

4. Prevent electric shock

Do not operate or repair the operating table when the electrical access cover or control component assembly is removed.

5. Prevent burns

When using an electric knife, prevent the patient's skin from touching the metal parts of the operating bed to avoid bypass burns. The hand control panel should be hung on the side rail of the operating bed. The line should avoid pinching, crushing and prevent line damage.