What is the difference between various ultrasound machine?

sources: www.jaaqi.com  Time: 10th,April,2019,  Author: JQ Medical

Relatively speaking, the structure of the black and white ultrasound is relatively simple, generally 1 to 2 probes, and the structure of the color Doppler is relatively complicated, generally there are more than 3 probes, which can clearly detect the blood return. The three-dimensional color ultrasound is made through the two-dimensional ultrasound, but the image data is input into the computer and the structure is re-appeared. The four-dimensional is a stereo probe inspection using 3,600 sound waves. However, no matter two-dimensional, three-dimensional or four-dimensional inspection. The most important thing is how to use the machine, because the operator needs to identify the fine structure inside the organ through the two-dimensional image. Specifically, the result of the two-dimensional inspection is a photo, Three-dimensional is a three-dimensional picture, and four-dimensional is a dynamic picture, but all the foundations are in two dimensions. If you only make one picture after four-dimensional and there is no disk, it is the same as two-dimensional three-dimensional. Therefore, no matter which ultrasound method, the most important is the operator, if the operator experience is rich enough and responsible, which ultrasound machine inspection is possible.

JQ Medical Warm tips

Regardless of the choice of b ultrasound or color ultrasound machine examination, consult a doctor before the examination, and follow the doctor's advice. In addition, do not repeat the examination in a short time, although the effect of ultrasound examination on the body is relatively small, but it can not be too frequent, too many frequent ultrasound examinations in the short period of time still have certain damage to the body. Also remind friends that If you are going to do a gynaecological examination, you need to hold back not urinate before that, in order to make the bladder full and clear.