Under the severe impact of the epidemic this year, global trade has fallen into a slowdown. After experiencing a sharp drop in shipping demand in the first half of the year, it has only slowly recovered in recent months. It has also brought a strong shipping sector. The shipping index has risen by 6.84%, ranking first in the market. Many companies such as COSCO Shipping, COSCO Shipping Holdings, and COSCO Shipping Development have daily limit.

     The demand for logistics is booming, but the capacity is declining, leading to a surge in container freight. The freight rate of the West American route has increased by about three times compared with the beginning of the year. The freight of South American routes has also skyrocketed.

     With the gradual resumption of work in Europe and the United States and the lifting of the ban, the port container trade is gradually recovering. In addition, during the epidemic, the ports around the world cannot operate normally, resulting in poor return of containers scattered around the world, making it difficult to find a container in China and nowhere in Europe and the United States. The situation of placement.

     Recently, the market has seen a sky-high sea freight of 10,000 US dollars. Industry insiders pointed out that the global shipping market will continue to be "difficult to find a ship and a container". The mainstream shipping companies have booked space until late December. It is predicted that high freight rates will continue until around the Chinese New Year.

Recently, the freight rate from Yantian to Algeciras has reached as high as 10,000 USD. A Maersk spokesperson said: “From July to October, all the containers that can be found have been rented out, but the leasing market has dried up. There are no empty boxes."

    Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao are still short of containers. Freight forwarders are experiencing the high freight rates of 4000 in South America, 5000 in East US, and Southeast Asia, which have skyrocketed by 1000 overnight, and there is no space or cabinet.

     This epidemic has brought different heavy blows to shipping companies, freight forwarders and foreign trade personnel.

    on 17th, MSK also saying that in response to this phenomenon, it will take a long time to restore the normal transportation status in the past. Coupled with the arrival of the peak consumption season, at present, it is still a high probability event that shipping prices will maintain a high level in the next period of time.

In short, the status quo of the shipping market will hardly be eased this year.
The probability of missing boxes will continue...
The increase in freight rates will continue...
Shipment delays will continue...