1.Quick confirmation of cardiac arrest:

 Loss of consciousness, disappearance of carotid-femoral pulse, intermittent or stop breathing.

Skin Cyanosis.

 Heart sound disappeared.

Undetectable blood pressure.

Dilated pupils.

ECG become line.

2.When using a defibrillator to defibrillate, you need to be decisive, fast, and race against time;

3.In cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation, the time to stop extracardiac compression due to each defibrillation should be as short as possible, and defibrillation should be discharged at the end of expiration to reduce transthoracic electrical impedance;

4.The defibrillator should always be used first. If there is no defibrillator, must continue the cardiopulmonary resuscitation till the defibrillator arrives,then use defibrillator immediately.

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