New published Portable X-ray image machine Features:

1. Small size, light weight, easy to carry

2. Low radiation dose, no need for protection, user safety

3. Adopt High-performance vacuum ceramic image intensifier work out high resolution and clear image

4. No need darkroom, direct perspective, instant observation


1. Apply to Orthopaedics, Hand and Foot Surgery, Pediatrics Departments,immediate diagnosis of surgery in the emergency ward,The immediate diagnosis in the emergency ward and surgery;especially suitable for the closure of orthopedic patients with closed reduction, needle insertion and external fixation;It is also suitable for direct fluoroscopy when taking foreign bodies in the muscle.


2. On-site diagnosis for athletes and field workers and military field personnel at the time of injury.for Field work, earthquake rescue and other injuries.

3. Non-destructive testing of industrial sectors, such as aluminum castings, manifolds, and high-pressure packages.

4. Security and anti-terrorism security inspections by the security department, customs, post and telecommunications departments.

5. Detection of foreign bodies in precious Chinese herbal medicines.

6. Animal inspections at zoos, farms, pet hospitals, etc.